This is a fan-made website, a collection of many videos, mp3's and live show footage by my favorite band AXA (later renamed to INGRAY). I learned about the European (Sarajevo in Bosnia) based band in my born town Detroit, where they lived at that time. I saw them perform live many (many) times at dive bars, clubs and theaters. I do not own any rights to these videos or their music (which belongs to it's respected owners). I just tried to make a collection for true fans of a great band which don't exist anymore. It's leader (who I've had honor of meeting several times) is still posting is new music, some of which is posted here as well.  I miss watching AXA / INGRAY's shows. These videos don't show the band in it's all glory; believe you me - it's less than 10% of the energy, sound and atmosphere of being there, by the stage, watching Adessa, Haris, Dave and Meldeen (later replaced by Joe and finally Glynn)  rock the house. (names / some info by Wiki). If you have more footage of this great band, that you'd like to be shown here, please write to . Listen their music and learn much more about the band HERE


I have learned that they started around 1997 in Sarajevo, as AXA (name they finally changed to INGRAY around 2007 or so), and there were several lineup changes during that time. From what I was able to find (and I am sure there was more), the people who played in these bands (both formed by Haris) were: Adessa (vocals), Haris (guitar, bass, keys), Meldeen, Joe and Glynn (replacing each other on Guitar respectively), Brad (bass for a short time), Senad, Mike (or Mikey?) and David Dupuie (replacing each other on drums). Out of those 3, David stayed the longest and was their "magic glue" to become "INGRAY" - a strong international music force from the heart of Detroit. After their breakup in 2011 (per Wiki), Haris scored some movies, and released a few solo albums. He was kind enough to get me access to their whole mp3 collection for free, and in return, I am hosting some ads for his new music. I wish that he shared some info about AXA and Ingray, but he didn't (which I respect). Still, that mp3 collection is what finally made me to do this video library site. Enjoy!
There may be some duplicates (this is collected and shared from many different youtube accounts), but it should be the most complete music library of AXA / INGRAY. Check our audio links as well.