INGRAY (2007-2011)

INGRAY was an established, professional sounding, serious rock band with unique, eclectic, international sound and great stage presence. Formed around the core of AXA, by Haris Cizmic and David Dupuie, they played live shows in the US from 2004, got signed with DarkGreene in 2008, and were close to sign with a much larger (and very well known) record label in 2011, but the band’s break-up happened before that, affecting INGRAY’s future. Personal shit came before their professional music careers, and they missed they one and only chance to ‘make it’.  Their CD release party at packed Detroit’s Hard Rock Cafe was hosted by Detroit’s best rock radio station- 101WRIF, and it’s famous Anne Carlini . 101WRIF was airing parts of the release concert live. (Other than WRIF, Ingray was getting air time by 98X (Windsor, Ontario) and many college radios). They scored commercials and websites for Chevy Camaro, Ford Fusion and others.

Ingray played larger clubs, theaters and festivals.  In 2009 they headlined  VH1’s Rock of Love Buss with Bret Michaels (for it’s Detroit leg), hosted by Mindy Hall. That same year Ingray played famous Emerald Theater in Mt.Clemens, and they organized “Music for Mutts” festival at Royal Oak Theater, which they headlined. With a large and faithful fan base, their shows were always sold out and well received. The band opened for many famous international stars, including Doro Pesch (Germany), Ashes of Soma (Canada), Great White (US) and their last public performance was a 2010 “Concert of Colors” (organized by a Grammy winner Don Wes) at the popular Max M. Fisher music center, in front of some 8,000 people.

Credits: Youtube channels of:
RockMeAmadeus69, DorianGrey, HubbaBubbaRock, HarisCizmic, WilliamShears, SamanthaMcHiggins and my own.