AXA VIDEOS (1996-2007)

As AXA (in the late 90’s), band was founded by Haris Cizmic and Meldeen Hota. They were featured in hundreds of magazines and TV shows. They were on top charts for many months, reaching no.1 for weeks in a row. AXA played (and won Awards) on several International festivals. In 2001, Polish TV made a 30 min documentary about the band. In 2002 AXA was featured in a popular Italian music magazine. Their CD’s were sold worldwide. From 2003 to 2007 AXA suffered several lineup changes, recorded “Good Girl” EP and practiced for hours every day, while playing hundreds of gigs at bars and clubs in the US.

Credits: Youtube channels of:
Erol Gagula, RockMeAmadeus69, DorianGrey, HubbaBubbaRock, HarisCizmic, WilliamShears, SamanthaMcHiggins and my own.